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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your love is over me  

additional from Lynette's choreography:

DANCING DAUGHTERS FOR THE LORD JESUS!: Your love is over me (Lynette's version)

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2 comments: to “ Your love is over me

  • dareNtiff
    9:15 PM  

    This is great!! You all should create "Tutorials" for Tambourine Dance Teams all over the world.

    And then u guys can share dance moves and cherography!

    Awesome blog.


  • Alicia Cheang
    12:12 AM  

    yup. this blog is meant for team members and others to access to learn the steps (choreographed by our own GTPJians) at their own pace and time n luxury at home. and also to keep all our precious choreography intact... old aunties forget easily.

    we have linked your worship blog already. to put us in your link too. thanks.