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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bapa PulihKan Dance presentation practice  

Announcement to Dance ministry members who are involved in this dance.

The Scheduled practices are: (Please inform me if you are not available)

5th july (Thurs) Baby room 8.30pm
11th july(Wed)Zoe House 830pm
18th july (wed) zoe house 8.30pm
26th july (thurs)baby room 830pm
2nd aug (thurs) baby room 830pm
7 aug (Tues) zoe house 830pm (as some of us are going off to dance conference in Singapore from 8-12th Aug)
16th aug (thurs) baby room 830pm
22nd (wed) zoe house 830pm.

25th n 26th august= scheduled presentation

We will have one team to dance together for sat & Sun services for worship & then for the bapa pulihkan dance presentation. Worship practice will be on the Thursday of that week.

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