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Sunday, July 15, 2007


On a lighter note.... this was an ice breaker game which our GTPJ pastors and the congregation took part in during our cell conference (some where in May 2007). Pastor Koon Seng, Pastor Stanley and Pastor Kuan Ming (from left to right). A member of the congregation representing their group will come up stage to pull the lever stationed at Pastor Linda and the drums will be sounded. The pastors who were blind folded and made to wear spider man mask will have to do 3 spidey actions (spider web, crawl, and toggle from rope or something) in specific set sequence of actions. Each of the pastors are unaware of what the other is doing. The representative will then ask the drummer to stop... n voila.... u will get 3 spideys in action. If the 3 spideys end up in the same action... then the group will win. something like hitting jack pot...

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