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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shekinah Glory= "YES" cont'  

Time and time again I am reminded through this song about surrendering everything to God and Saying "yes" to Him at all times.... even though it is painful. Even though of all the uncertainties or the unanswered prayers or the bewildering moments.. Today, I've received a shocking and sad news that had happened to my friend.... and I Kept wondering, "Why lord? Do you allow so much pain and suffering in this world? Especially to those who love you?" As painful as it seems..... God doesnt owe us any explanation. But yet He welcomes all questions and doubts... AND He comforts us still when we allow Him to. And no matter what He still wants a "yes" from us even in these trying times.... "Yes lord?"

May this 2 dance clips blessed your heart.

Ebenezer AME Dance Ministry! Huge team. even dance right into the congregation.

another one..

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