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Friday, August 24, 2007


Winter Guard is an indoor color guard activity, derived from the outdoor summer activity that is commonly part of marching band or drum corps. Unlike color guard, which performs outdoors on a football field (and is part of a marching band or drum corps), winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gym or indoor arena, during the winter season. Also, there is no band involved. Guards perform to a recording of various musical genres. Their show has a selection of music, classical to contemporary. A winter guard unit performs using dance, acrobatic features, and most of all, with various pieces of equipment. While guard equipment can vary from anything to everything, flags, rifles, and sabres are the main pieces of equipment.

Guard members toss, spin, and do much more with their equipment, which can change throughout their show. Major competitions worldwide are sanctioned and managed by Winter Guard International. Huge resources of Photos, videos and DVD instructional videos are available at
Samples of videos can also be found there.

Some notable videos of winterguard competitions finalist:

Paradigm Winter Guard (Independant Guard) from FFCC finals 2005, 1st prize

Their recruitment video

Seminole High School Winter Guard 2005, 1st prize

Apex Winter Guard 2005-06

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2 comments: to “ WHAT IS WINTERGUARD?

  • Anonymous
    4:58 AM  

    hey! i'm in winterguard! It's great! Although, sometimes it's a bit difficult!

  • Alicia Cheang
    12:42 PM  

    yeah.... i can see that. the winter guards are so Athletic. I think most of you would have basics in dance/ gymnastics. I wished that they would have such a thing here in Malaysia. not much of dance sport here except for ballroom. Winter guard is just so inspiring. Great that you guys have time to practice too! all the best! Any videos from your group to share?