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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dance ministry vs Dance performance  

Let's talk about the difference between dance ministry and dance performance.

This seams to be a difficult transition to make, especially if you grew up with years of secular dance training.I found that the Holy Spirit has to consistently purge us of the “Feeling” that we need to “Perform” for people.

We are called to “Minister to People.” We are called to “Win the Lost” As dance ministries, we are Not called to dance strictly for “Entertainment” But, when we can disconnect ourselves from the feeling that we need to “Show people what we can do” - we are truly set free through the Power of Praise; and, the Healing Power of Worship. When we are free from “The need to perform for people” God empowers us with an anointing that sets people free.

Remember, it is all about God....keep him at the forefront and seek Him every step of the way! A dance ministry is not something to be entered into lightly...too many times people start off well intentioned because it "looks cool and innovative"...but it should be taken seriously. Leaders and dance ministers need to have a prayer life and a relationship with the Lord. If you have no relationship with the Lord you are just exercising!

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