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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How important is a dancer's posture/ poise?  

Not every dance worshiper do or can have formal dance training (eg: Ballet, jazz). But some are just naturally gifted with the dance poise and elegance even without training. For the majority out there who are without the natural talent & poise, I would like to post these questions.....

How important is a dancer's posture/ poise to you? Would you invest in resources or dance classes to improve your flexibility / dance poise?

Learning a dance choreography & improving one's technical dance skill (dance posture) are both important in portraying a dance worship piece. As dance worship is a moving form of worship depicting the splendour of the Lord, each dancer should in all their capacity dance with all their might and GRACEFULNESS to the glory of the Lord. Without the dance poise or dance technical skills, choreography becomes limited & stale. Audience might be distracted too with the lack of gracefulness or dance poise of a dancer. Furthermore, the dancer herself gets self conscious and loose focus in worship. So it is imperative, that every dancer should try their best to improve their technical skills to the glory of the Lord.

We can improve our dance technical skills or poise by attending ballet/ jazz/ other structured dance training classes. Dance & creative arts workshops organized by the church or CDFM are also great opportunity for non dancers to learn. There are also a lot of resources in the internet giving tips on how to improve our dance posture. Here are some:

Dance Posture Exercise

How to get Perfect Posture - Now!

By the way, I just had a talk with the people from Shachah ministries. They are releasing a structured christian dance syllabus for non dancers who are keen to learn dance from scratch. Currently Aunty Magrate Yap and team are filming the new instructional videos (on basic dance techniques, with demo and music and also prayer warm-ups or dance devotional pieces) in Singapore and these videos hopefully would be ready by the end of August. I am totally excited about this as I do plan to buy the videos for my church to bless & train our dancers. So, I will keep you all posted on this! Here are some of the previous dance instructional videos they have in the store (all are without music, but do wait for the new ones to come. those come with music and demo)

Dance Instruction in Worship Workshop - Level 1
(Description: If you have never had instruction in dance and have always desired to worship the Lord in dance, these videos will assist you to develop the skills necessary to worship the Lord in this area of the creative arts. Our videos will instruct you in warm-up exercises, combination steps, center work, Hebraic steps, etc.)

Happy learning!! Improve thyself!

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2 comments: to “ How important is a dancer's posture/ poise?

  • Jocelyn Richard
    1:25 PM  

    Thank you so much for this post. This is information we need as dance ministers. We must worship Jesus in the best way that we can. Training is a good way to help us do that. Also thanks for Ms Yapp's contact info. I thought she was still in the States.
    Well, God bless you and baby.

  • Alicia Cheang
    3:26 PM  

    i think Aunty Magrate Yap travels around. i am not sure if she is still in Singapore (she was filming her instructional videos there) but she should be back soon in the states by as she is involved in some conferences there. Thank you for your encouragements.