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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our God Saves, Tambourine dance  

Praise the Lord! After a few months of training (using Shachah's tambourine dance instructional videos:, our church (church of Praise, Bukit Indah, Johor malaysia) dance ministry team had their first taste of serving in the sunday worship service.
I am so inspired by this new team of young girls who are so eager and willing to serve the Lord in this ministry. Their zeal and commitment truly amazes me. It's truly my joy & blessing to be able to train them and nurture them in the LORD.

Here's part of the small dance team in our church

(From Left to right: Ee Ling, Shella, Aunty Danz (& baby in the tummy), Esther & Natalie)

What do you think of their red T'shirt costume? Bought them at Jusco TZ factory for 25RM each.

during worship service:

Our God Saves patterns:
V: Full Gospel, covenant (Shachah's)
B:Redeemer's clap (Alicia's)
C:Banner, Acts (Shachah's)
Instrumental: Holy wave (Alicia's)

During saturday's practice:

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