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Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's been a long break for me since I blogged. Yeah... motherhood takes up alot of my time. Anyway, below are some wonderful dance videos by "Come to Jesus Fellowship" (CTJF)Performing Arts Ministry from Geneva, Switzerland. They are a Filipino church.

Their team members are ranging from 10-35 years old! Check out their dances! Some Shachah's patterns are incorporated for the tambourines, flag, and streamers dance but they have also come up with their own choreography. They also have hand mime.

Be inspired! Thanks to Mary Mendez for sharing these wonderful videos! God bless!

CTJF Glorious Grace Easter Presentation 2007 (flag,streamer and tambourine)

lots of familiar shachah patterns... modified and also new choreographed ones.

Modern dance: Glorious Grace VS Generation Cross!


the most interesting hand mime i have ever seen. check out the creativity using light and darkness..It's so fascinating!

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