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Friday, May 07, 2010

National Messianic Dance Conference and workshop  


There will be a national Messianic Dance conference or workshop organized by Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia (CDFM) in June 2010. Dates are:

10-12 June 2010 (day & night sessions)
Good News Church of Sabah, KK
14-16 June 2010 (day & night sessions)
Praise City Church, KL

20-21 June 2010 (Sunday evening, monday evening)
Church of Praise, JB

This workshop would be an introduction to Messianic dance, its background, the biblical chronological history of Davidic dance worship with demonstration of dance steps written in the Tenach (Jewish Bible) and a little combination of choreography including safe warm up to worship music using Israelis dance -Chassidic, Yemenite, Traditional and Modern.

About the instructor:

Vera's Profile:

Trained in RAD Ballet & qualified as a Royal Society of Arts Advanced Fitness Instructor (UK)

A Jewish believer in Christ

Taught workshops, lectured, performed with the New Jerusalem Dancers, a Messianic dance company in 20 countries such as in the UK, Hungary, France, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia , Puerto Rico & USA

Vera is also the Messianic Dance Network Coordinator for the International Christian
Dance Fellowship since 1995

Those who wish to get a full intensive study into Messianic Dance Course will have to attend the 3 full Days Conference held in Kuala Lumpur from June 14-16 at Praise City Church or the workshop in KK, Sabah.

Non CDFM members:
170RM (East M'sia Conference)
190RM (KL Conference)
65RM (JB workshop)

CDFM members:
140RM (East M'sia Conference)
160RM (KL Conference)
55RM (JB workshop)

Jennifer Tan : 012 391 7799 Email:
Sara Thong : 017 635 5770 Email:
CDFM office : 013 308 8006 Email:

Click on the images for larger view of the kk and kl conference flyers. time schedules are provided too.

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