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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shekinah Glory= "YES"  

I've been thoroughly reminded through this song.... that after all we do for God... all the sacrifices or service.... god still wants "YES" from us at all times. May this song bless and minister to you!Below is an excerpt of the song n its lyrics

"after all is said and done. after we worshipped and cried out loud. after we laid prostrate..... worship is extreme obedience! after we've given all... GOD STILL wants a "YES!"
Some of us He has called a long time ago.... but yet we are doing what we want to do. We are picking and choosing our YES! but god is saying ALL I WANT IS YES.
So those who are serious and those who wanna say yes to God.... just lift your hands right now and just begin tell the LORD "YES". BUT BE CAREFUL because YES might cost you everything!! You say " yes lord! i forsake my ways for your ways Lord. yes god, the very thing i dont want to do, i'll do it!!..... God is speaking to somebody ...... "if I told you what i really need....would you still say yes??.......would you still say yes???"

Lyrics for "YES" (shekinah glory)

Will your heart and soul say yes
will your Spirit still say yes
There is more that I require of thee
will your heart and soul say yes

Now will your heart and soul say yes
Will your Spirit still say yes
If I told you what I really need
will your heart and soul say yes

Yes (repeat)
There is more that I require of thee (repeat)

"your worship means nothing without "YES". without obedience worship means nothing..... worship is extreme obedience..."

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