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Monday, July 07, 2008

For zion sake (Jewish stick & drums dance)  

Paul Wilbur/For Zions Sake Concert
Fridley, MN

This jewish dance really amazed me! Excellent rhythm, coordination and group formation. Men and women dancing and celebrating with sticks & drums. I am so inspired!
Anyone tried choreographing something like this before???

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3 comments: to “ For zion sake (Jewish stick & drums dance)

  • Arise & Dance
    4:06 PM  

    Yes, we did a more contemporary stick dance 2 Christmases ago. GTPJ creative dancers and GT Junior Church dancers combined for the project. Obviously, you didn't join us for some reason :P Too bad we don't have the video...

  • Alicia Cheang
    5:32 PM  

    ha ha ha... yeah. every christmas, i was back in johor. Missed that one out too. what sticks did you all use? bamboo? or drum sticks?

  • Anonymous
    6:32 AM  

    This dance is to a song called "rokdim yechefim", or "the barefoot dance", named thus because the choreographers had their shoes off when putting the dance together. This group has greatly changed the original choreography, adding more moves to it.