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Monday, September 08, 2008

Church of praise 20th anniversary dance performance  

Church of praise(Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru) 20th anniversary dance performance by the creative arts ministry

8 Sept08
Bangunan PKK

Jewish medley of songs

Enjoy!! Praise the lord for the hard work and commitment of these boys and girls for the last 2 months. they really practiced hard.

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2 comments: to “ Church of praise 20th anniversary dance performance

  • Net
    11:38 PM  

    Very nice work! For beginners especially...the formations are good, although a little more face out instead of butt in the circle would be nicer. =P
    I love jewish (sounding) songs. goes very well with tambourine.

  • Alicia Cheang
    11:57 PM  

    yeah... my first attempt in choreographying for a jewish piece. anyway, the first dance was involving many non- dancers/ or beginner dancers. so had to keep it very simple. but they did a good job. they looked so cute. the jewish medley songs were chosen by the pastor... credit to pastor mike yeoh!