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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tambourine workshop 2009 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia?  

(photo taken at the last Shachah's conference in Singapore 2007)


I have a few requests from different churches in JB for some interdenominational Tambourine training/ workshop next year 2009. It will most probably be after Chinese New year 2009. I am also the Representative of CDFM (christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia) for JB. So we will most probably hold it under CDFM organisation. CDFM is willing to bring the tambourine trainers (all shachah trained) and we might even invite Shachah's Singapore team over. Workshop will be a refresher course on shachah's Tambourine patterns (beginners- advance level 2) (and maybe a bit on flags and streamers too, depending on the crowd's interest). We also hope to learn & collaborate more new patterns from different churches. Workshop will also deal with the biblical foundation of worshipping God through Tambourine. shachah's merchandise of videos and etc will also be available during the workshop. (Do note that shachah now has exam syllabus for tambourines, streamers and flags. They might be opening up a dance institute in Singapore by 2009)

so... JB tambourine folks... I need your cooperation...

1) Please kindly leave your comments/ email me at about the available dates to hold this workshop in 2009 (that it will not clash with your other church events). Please leave your name and contact too!

2) Kindly let me know the number of participants from your church who might be interested

3) kindly let me know the level of training your participants are at (beginners/ intermediate/ advance)so that we can cater the workshop to their needs

4) please do recommend any church venue or hall to be used for the event (whether permission or rental is needed)(remember we need high ceiling, and lots of space for dancers to move around)

Let me know ya? It would be exciting and inspiring to meet all of you!! Hurry and respond by emailing or leaving your comments here. I will be on confinement leave soon... by end of Sept-08. God bless!

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