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Friday, February 27, 2009


Thanks to Jocelyn Richard for sharing this wonderful article on Pilates and the exercises for new moms... (hey the article shares really practical ways of exercising with your baby. a thumbs up for me... especially when exercising time is so limited with the little one around. ehhehe)

Here's an excerpt from the article
Pilates Exercises for new moms
• The 100s

The move starts by lying on your back with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Your baby will be on your stomach (younger babies) or sitting propped against your legs (older babies). Curl your upper back and shoulders off the floor, one hand is on your baby and your other arm is straight by your side. Lift that arm a few inches off the ground and pump it up and down while breathing.

To make the move more advanced, lift one leg and then both legs off the floor while doing the move.

• Spine Stretch

Picot explains this move lengthens and strengthens your back. But, she says, no matter what body part a Pilates move appears to focus on, every single one works your abs. In every move, you keep your belly pulled up and in; this results in totally toned abs.

For this move, the baby will be sitting/propped in a supportive pillow. You will straddle the baby. Then, reach over her as if lowering the crown of your head to her feet. As you straighten up, tickle the baby. Picot says little ones love seeing Mom's face appear and then disappear and then appear again.

• Pulling Weeds

For this exercise, the baby remains on her pillow. You will stand up over her, with your knees slightly bent. Reach down (as if pulling weeds) and then straighten again, building arm strength and a strong back.

Picot says doing five sets of a Pilates exercise like this one is more effective than doing 100 crunches at the gym. She says to remember to keep your stomach tight at all times and think carefully about each move when performing Pilates moves.

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