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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Hi, January is a time of reflection and waiting on the LOrd for me as I seek Him for guidance for our creative arts ministry. I happened to come across a online teleseminar which would really help me to refocus. i believe it would help many who are involved in some kind of dance ministry in church too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Is just so amazing how God can use technology to bless us. Now we dance ministers can learn off the net at the comfort of our homes!

the speaker is Jocelyn richard and jocelyn is such an anointed dancer and teacher! check out her dance videos featured in my blog before...


Jocelyn has served as the chief dancer and choreographer for the Elim International Fellowship in Brooklyn, New York under the visionary leadership of Archbishop Wilbert S. McKinley for ten years. As an anointed dance minister and conference speaker, Jocelyn has ministered for churches and Christian organizations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Jocelyn has also been involved in arts education in both public and private schools for over twenty years. She began her formal dance education as a child, studying at the Joffery Ballet School, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre School. Jocelyn has a BA degree in Dance from The City College of New York.

Ministry Assignments At-A-Glance

· Daniel Winans Concert
· Evangelist Jackie McCullough’s Family Conferences
· Barbados International Gospelfest
· Bahamas Christian Dance Fellowship
· Caribbean Dance Network Bahamas
· Christian Dance Fellowship USA
· Recording Artist, Keith Childress Concert & Worship Symposium
· Living Waters Worship Center Conference & Concert with Alvin Slaughter
· Elim International Fellowship, Brooklyn New York Archbishop Wilbert McKinley
· Kingsley Fletcher Ministries, Durham, North Carolina

Details on the Teleseminar: (i've just done module one, and it was awesome!)
"Study to show thyself approved, A Biblical Study of Dance."


Lets get approved, for praise and worship dance in 2010.

4 Consecutive Tuesdays in 2010

January 12,19,26, February 2 ,7-9 pm Eastern time
Each session will be intensive and interactive.
Your call and purpose for dance ministry will be solidified.

Go to the link below now to register space is limited.
Module 1
Dance the call to worship
The art of dance as a ministry

The dance of the prophetess
The dancer as worship leader

Module 3
The dance of the prophet killer
Bad dancing

Module 4
The dance of restoration
keeping David's passion

Tele-Seminar includes

Study guide
mp3 recordings of all live sessions, just in case you can not attend a live session.
as a thank you bonus
a copy of Garments of Glory resource guide, a $USD12.00 value.

I have recently also finished listening to one of her sharings on children dance ministry too. it was very insightful and helpful for me. Will share more about it later. god bless

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