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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tambourine & flags workshop in JB, Praise reports  

I think the children enjoyed it the most. As the workshop was also introducing other worship tools like streamers, long Chinese streamers, flags and even children’s musical, they utterly enjoyed it. It was great as all this different workshops kept them focused and not loose interest. You can see little boys playing their tambourines joyfully unto the Lord. Some how at this age, they are not self conscious like the adults and will just give their all to Jesus. One little boy came running to his mom after the tambourine class and said, “Mommy, I really LOVE playing the tambourine!!” Naturally, I laughed at him and was instantly frowned upon by this little boy. HE REALLY MEANT IT. HE WASN’T JOKING WHEN HE SAID HE LOVES PLAYING THE TAMBOURINE. So I was duly corrected. I believe the shachah team did a great job to inspire these little children especially the boys to worship the Lord through tambourine.

Although the workshop started on a very solemn and serious note (focusing on the importance of worship, preparation for worship and debunking the white man colonial mentality i.e. “The same holy spirit in the white man is residing in the asian man! So stop looking down on yourself and let God use you!”)…..and topping it with Aunty’s stern reprimands….these little kids end up loving Aunty Magrate! Yes. They spoke often of her to their parents. You should see their little eyes full of excitement and utterly glued on Aunty as she teaches them action bible songs like the perfect ten (ten commandments), Psalms one, fruits of the holy spirit, nine spiritual gifts, love in any language etc. (In fact we adults thoroughly enjoyed it too). It was such a joy learning how to make scriptures so fun and easy to remember. Now, who says memorizing the bible is such a chore!!

And oh! They truly enjoyed all the hand coordination games that Aunty showed and was so skillful at. Now, they are asking when the next camp / sleepover will be held. I think they all miss Aunty magrate. And for the boys…being boys…. They just loved the swordsdance (a swordsdance with recited bible verses on spiritual warfare and armour of god). I am so glad that these little ones are not only taught to be worshippers but also warriors for our Lord Jesus especially in this nation.

Aunty was able to minister to all ages from children, youth and even parents. The youth were very much enlightened about worshipping and interceding through tambourines and flags. One youth quoted,” Aunty Magrate led a hard life and yet she is still so worshipful to God. What more about me? I should be worshipping God even more as I have led such an easy life.” Another youth said, “ I’ve never knew that the tambourine could be used in spiritual warfare! I am so glad that I could be apart of the prayer warfare!” Another said, “I’ve learnt from Aunty Magrate never to take a smile for granted. Despite all that she went through, she keeps smiling and her smile just melts my heart. Now I just want to smile always and exude that warmth around!”

The youth boys were also very much inspired by the multi talented Alan Tay (Shachah core team member). Alan could play the tambourine, dance with the flags, streamers, long Chinese streamers, dance the Tibetan dance, swords dance, children’s musical, and even play the keyboard. Alan has left a huge impact on the youth boys and has changed their mentality about playing the tambourine and about dancing. Now, the youth boys are the most excited lot to start preparing for the tambourine assessment syllabus.

The youth who were involved in children’s ministry were also individually prayed for by Aunty Magrate. Each having a prophecy about how God can use them to touch lives of the little ones. I can see renewed fire and passion within these youth and how they now want to leave a legacy for the little ones to follow. Now, they are eagerly teaching the children the children’s musical which is to be presented for Father’s day.

There were a few mothers who attended the workshop with their children. They also testified that they were very blessed and refreshed. They were glad that they could learn the tambourine. One mother now is inspired to join our creative arts ministry despite the age gap! Another lady who had prior experience in dancing with tambourine was also inspired to pick it up again and learn to pass on the gift!

Many Parents reported their children being so joyful after the workshop. One 7 yrs old daughter received the baptism of the holy spirit during one of the altar calls that Aunty Magrate made and is now able to speak in tongues. Praise the Lord. The mother was so thankful as she herself has just received the gift of tongues but didn’t know how to teach or share with her young one.

For Me:
Some background: Now, I met Aunty magrate and the team only in 2007 for the fireworks in the heavenlies conference in singapore. Before that, I never knew about them. I only vaguely remember as a child while I was learning tambourine that there was this strict aunty who started the tambourine ministry. I think a lot has transpired and changed by the grace of God since 20 yrs ago…
and during the fireworks conference, I was totally inspired by aunty and her life testimonies. It truly helped me to see how dance is used to worship the lord Jesus even more intimately. And how worship tools like tambourine and flags were used in intercessions and spiritual battles. the conference changed me and my perception about dancing in church... from performing to worshipping god. And I wanted so much for my fellow dancers to experience that and be enlightened. To much of my delight, the lord has answered my heart cry for the nation of Malaysia.....after more than a year of planning, The Lord Jesus had finally brought aunty Margate and the shachah team to Malaysia against all odds to share with us how the creative arts can be used mightily to worship the Lord and bring back His glory into this nation. To inspire a new generations of true worshippers.... and I see that happening now, right before my very eyes. These are exciting days!!
Although it has been quite tiring for me while handling the workshop details and needs (and also caring for an active crawler son)…I’ve been truly blessed by Aunty Magrate’s sharing and the shachah team. I’ve seen how the team operates in such worshipful and joyful manner through out the workshop and even out of the workshop time. Although it was very tiring for them, they persevered on and continue to minister. Elizabeth, one of the shachah instructors had a relapse of a chronic cough a few days before the workshop. But she still chose to come and impart her grace and skills to us. May the Lord richly bless her with her hearts desire. Sharon and Wan Ping came with their children and husbands. They still could effectively minister and bless us. In fact their children also were ministering among our children in church. It was very comforting to see how the husbands supported their wives in their passion of serving God in the area of creative arts.
I am also very encouraged to see how aunty Magrate can minister to all participants regardless of their age. To capture the interest of the young ones. To inspire the youth. And gain love & respect from the adults. How she shared her life testimonies and how she ministered even when she was teaching dance and not just merely in sermons. Aunty Magrate is a walking testimony of God’s grace upon her life. Wherever she walked and danced, she brought the presence of God with her. That’s the anointing I desire in my life and ministry too. To be a testimony in and out of season and to be a consistent vessel for god’s glory.
There is so much more to write….of how God has moved and blessed us through the workshop. But well, this is most of it for now. We miss you Aunty Magrate and we miss you Shachah Team. May the Lord bless you all richly and continue to bless your ministries.





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